Wholesale of “Made in Japan” products.
W&N stock company is located in Niigata prefecture,
well-known region for its manufacturing capacity of variety of products, such as kitchenware, metal products and other daily necessities. Local manufacturers produce very high quality products with unique Japanese accuracy in detail. We are confident that our selected items can satisfy our overseas customers.
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Japanese green tea
3 cutting boards with storage case
3 in 1 grater slicer
3 pcs set
5 pcs set
bowl with handle, strainer, shredder, grater and slicer
Barrel type pickle maker L
big silicone spatula
Bread house
Cassette type vegetable cooking device
Ceramic stainless coffee mill (polished)
Ceramic salt/sesame/pepper mills
Ceramic stainless coffee mill (black oxidation)
Ceramic stainless coffee mill (polished)
Ceramic tea mill
Ceramic wood coffee mill
Cooker with glass lid (2 pcs set)
Cooking stand or portable kitchen
Cute piggy cutting board
Cutting board with scoop
Food storage
Frying pan
G - vegetable cooking device
glass lid
Glass lid for pot (33cm)
Grater, slicer, shredder. 3 replaceable cassettes
Graters 6 pcs cooking set
Japanese pot
Japanese style pot
Kitchen set: grater, shredder, slicer, peeler and saucer
Ladle, Turner, Butter bitter
Milk pan
Peeler and protector
Pickle maker S
Roaster (2pcs)
Sauce pan
Sauce pan
Sauce pan
Sauce pan
Sauce pan
Sauce pan (red, yellow, black)
Saute pan
Saute pan lid
Silicone collapsible freezer container
Silicone cupid washboard
Silicone discs drop-lid
Silicone mat
Silicone spatula scoop
Silicone spatula spoon
Silicone spoon
silicone tong and spatula
Smart cutting board
Small cutting board
Square bowl and colander
Stainless quick grater with receiver
Stainless steel grater
Cooking stand or portable kitchen
Steamer (with ring) 33 cm
Steamer 24 cm
Steamer 33 cm
Steamer pot (2-3pcs set)
Steaming plate
Stock pot, Rondeau pot, Soup pot
Stock pot, Rondeau pot, Soup pot
Stock pot, Rondeau pot, Soup pot
Stock pot, Rondeau pot, Soup pot
VC manual food mincer
VC salad spinner
Vegetable cutter
Vertical compact vegetable cooking set
Washing board
Wavy cut egg cutting gadget
Whistling kettle
Y - cassette type vegetable cooking device